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Balinese Name
I was born and live here in Bali. My name is Made Sandiago. "Made" (pronounced Ma Day) is the distinctive feature of a Balinese name. Other characteristic names for Balinese always have the first Bali name as: Wayan, Gede, Ketut, Nyoman, Komang and Putu which indicates the order of birth. The name "Made" stands for the second born child.

My silver jewelry designs and Bali Silver jewelry designs
To be Balinese means living among the arts and artisans. I too choose to live closely with arts. Designing silver jewelry, sculpting silver jewelry designs, creating music, painting and working with other art forms is a way of life for me.

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Creating and designing artistic silver jewelry in Bali is a blessing
An extraordinarily unique and creative sense of expression is needed when creating designs for silver jewelry wholesalers. Designers and wholesalers alike are aware that there are many different character tastes. This must be reflected in final production. I have been designing jewelry since 1996. I have developed relationships with many multicultural jewelry companies and designers. These relationships continue to grow as does our success.

My experience with all aspects of the industry and unique knowledge of the sacred blessing allows every touch of design to contain a blessed touch of Balinese tradition. The Balinese believe that creating and designing art is considered a blessing. This blessing is known as Taksu. This blessing is derived from the Diva. The Balinese people are artists. We take pride in every stroke of paint, if even only one line on a canvas.

I have been designing my silver jewelry from scratch with an original idea and then sculpt it in modeling wax. All waxes are sculpted by artisans that I have trained. This means my silver jewelry designs are all currently sculpted by hand.

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I've been designing silver jewelry and silver beads for over a decade here in Bali, Indonesia and wholesale my silver jewelry silver beads through a few silver jewelry websites.

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Wholesale silver jewelry designed exclusively by top design specialists.

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Wholesale Bali silver beads and silver jewelry
You may wondering, why in my jewelry section I have Feng Shui items. I am a Guru of feng shui which has almost ten thousand member and my feng shui website is the biggest feng shui website in Indonesia.

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Wholesale Bali silver beads and silver jewelry
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3D Jewelry Design 3D Jewelry Designs Services
In the past, I love designing jewelry with pencil and paper and seem very traditional, but in silver jewelry business customers need more services, hand carving is limited, finally I bought Solidscape 3D wax printer and hire some computer designers to transfer my drawing. Service only for custom order customers.

Gemstones Set on My Silver Jewelry
All the gemstones I use are real and of high quality. The only synthetic stones I use are Cubic Zirconium (CZ) which does not exist in a natural state. We import our gemstones from Bangkok, Thailand and Hongkong.

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