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Abudanced Laughing Buddha Pendant
Abudanced Laughing Buddha Silver Pendant
Bali Silver Beads
Wholesale Bali Silver Beads

Barong Bangkal Bali Pendant
Barong Bangkal Bali Bronze Pendant
Borobudur Buddha Pendant
Borobudur Buddha Silver Pendant
Brahmana Bali Pendant
Brahmana Bali Silver Pendant
Buddha Meditation Pendant
Bronze Buddha Meditation Pendant
Koi Ring
Koi Silver Ring
Kora Bigi Bali Ring
Kora Bigi Bali Silver Ring
Lady Bug Bali Pendant
Lady Bug Bali Brass Pendant
Mansuri Buddha Pendant
Mansuri Buddha Cooper Pendant
Mystic Knot Bali Ring
Mystic Knot Bali Silver Ring
Owl Spiritual
Owl Spiritual Jewelry
Skull Pendant
Skull Silver Pendant
Text Faith Love Ring
Silver Text Faith Love Ring
The Buddha Inside Tree Pendant
The Buddha Inside Tree Brass Pendant
Tibet Buddha Pendant
Tibet Buddha Bronze Pendant
White Tiger Pendant
White Tiger Pendant Silver Jewelry
Gems Spiral Rings
Gems Spiral Rings
Celtic Pendant
White Tiger Pendant Silver Jewelry
Fleur De Lis Ring Skull
Fleur De Lis Ring Skull
Mummy Ring Skull
Mummy Ring Skull
ZBrush Jewelry
ZBrush Jewelry<br>
ZBrush Jewelry
ZBrush Jewelry<br>


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3D Jewelry Design 3D Jewelry Designs Services
In the past, I love designing jewelry with pencil and paper and seem very traditional, but in silver jewelry business customers need more services, hand carving is limited, finally I bought Solidscape 3D wax printer and hire some computer designers to transfer my drawing. Service only for custom order customers.
Gemstones Set on My Silver Jewelry
All the gemstones I use are real and of high quality. The only synthetic stones I use are Cubic Zirconium (CZ) which does not exist in a natural state. We import our gemstones from Bangkok, Thailand and Hongkong.

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